Monday, March 31, 2008

introducing: MP (dc police) behaving badly

i think i just got really sick of seeing police talking on their cell phones with their lights on as they speed through a light only to slow down and turn into dunkin donuts. i can't tell you how many times cops have made traffic stop so that they didn't have to be inconvienced by traffic lights. and i am getting weary of dc cops talking on their cell phones.

yesterday was the day that broke the camel's back and is propelling me to start this blog. i was stopped at 9th and florida ave ne when a 2 cops and an amublance sped by. this looked like the real deal and they were moving fast. the ambulance was in the back of the entourage. and the driver was speading through traffic on his way to a call on his cell phone.

since i don't think anything really is making dc police behave any better, i decided to start outing them.

so here it begins. the first installment of dc cops behaving badly. (i am going to try and make this so that others can contribute, i am not sure how. if you would like to, please leave me a comment and we will work something out.)

this is from florida ave and eckington:

i was driving so it was tricky sorry for the blurry images.


Live At Peace With All Men said...

is it against the law to use the cell phone while driving over there? Here in Singapore they just banned it recently but before that it was ok.
Im a police officer here in Singapore and we believe that there is no way we are gonna enforce the law if we arent bothering about it ourselves. All policemen here get double punishment for any crime committed. Maybe your side should have something like that to help prevent this from happening. Our cops arent allowed to eat in public or buy food while on duty either as this will tarnish our reputation. How terrible for someone to say "hey look at those cops eating there. Wonder if an emergency call will take precendence over their meal!"
Anyway I sympathise with your feelings about cops misbehaving. Remember, after all they are still human and therefore prone to error.

chompo said...

LOL - your last sentence about it being hard to take pictures while driving ... as you are ranting about cops talking on cell phones while driving.

Go Obama.